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An adjective; meaning bogus comes from a combination of words "More bogus than that thing"
Did you see her flirting with my man? That's bodine.
by Bridgetspace January 06, 2009
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Pronounce "Bow-Dean"
1) Anything that is wrong, having a misleading apperance. 2) Situations that don't have a good outcome. 3) Bogus
"She was bodine for wearing those old shoes."
"He was jumped by a group of guys? That's bodine.
by sticks n gravy January 14, 2006
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Bodine is a residence hall at a Connecticut university. It's where they send 'problem' students to live. It's also where some outrageous shit has happened over the years.
When someone screws up, gets arrested, or acts like an asshole, "He pulled a bodine".
A dumbass is referred to as a "bodine".
by Bleu Lorax June 08, 2018
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