The manliest type of Man.
Did you see that guy take a bullet and just keep on going like it was nothing? He's a mountain man.
by Mountainous July 25, 2005
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to let go of ones physical appearance (large beard, dirty hair, horrible hygene) Usually during a state of depression, or extreme laziness.

generally applies to males.
Joe: "man,Dave's been real upset lately."

Jack: "yeah i think hes gonna pull a mountain man"
by Slagatron August 19, 2007
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A guy who like to bring girls to the tops of small mountains in hopes the girl will be blown away by the breath taking view and hook up with you
Hey babe im the mountain man wanna go to the mountain and drink some beers so i can have sex with you?
by Jacked J September 2, 2007
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A person who looks like they just slept on the mountains, this person usually has scruffy hair, and smells bad. These people can summon animals by laughing with a high pitched scream. Also this Mountain Man tends to growl. (Also known as Mx2)
(Brooke just woke up)

Morgan- look at Mountain Man over there !
by davidlover18 June 21, 2009
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Not the manliest kind of man. There is a breed of man even manlier than the mountain man. This is their story- Three farmers in Poland are drinking and decide to challenge each others manhood by playing man games. The first farmer tells the other two to hit him with sacks of potatoes. The other two hit him with the potatoes, then the second farmer decides to up the anti by cranking up a chainsaw and cutting the end of his foot off. The third farmer sees this and decides he will not be outdone so he takes the saw and cuts his own head off with it. You don't get much more manly, only the Maine chainsaw romance guy is in a similar category of manly.
Mountain man, my best bro cut his own head off, that really happened. You thought you were tough til I just told you the story of a real man, you look like a bearded lady boy.
by Solid Mantis November 21, 2016
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When you take your partners beard brush and brush your ass hairs, then your partner uses the brush on his beard to savor the stank till later.
Last night I Appalachian mountain man my buddy! His beard is going to smell like my ass all day.
by Dbow1206 February 22, 2020
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When you get a very hot girl to sleep with you only to find she has a massive amount of pubic hair.
Guy 1: So, how was Rebecca after the party last night?
Guy 2: Fucking Mountain Man Suprise!
Guy 1: Really? I didn't notice.
Guy 2: Gross.
by Perplexing Enigma March 25, 2011
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