Ebonics term for "Love". Also means someone more than likes a person but doesn't actually "Love" them.
Gul, you know I luh ya, now shut tha f**k up and finish cooking my grits!!!
by ALT August 31, 2004
Ebonics term for "little" or "lil"
You just a luh bitch!
by Gbaby555 August 18, 2011
Ebonics term for ‘little’ or ‘lil’.
Adrian Carter got a ‘luh’ dick!
by kbenoit985 January 15, 2019
Norwegian for lol, "Ler utyt".
<Donny> You suck!
<Bill> LUH!
by Howie August 8, 2004
another mistaken for ebonics term that
means 'look' or 'looka -see looka'
Luh! there's bird poo on my cat!
Whattya at luh!
Looka third der luh!
by Noel AKA HeyBye March 15, 2003
"I'm so luh right now"
"Wanna get luh?"
by luhman September 6, 2017