A southern slang word that a male uses to show affection towards a female.
Yeah shawty right there that my luh baby.
by Tyron Bigums January 29, 2017
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named, like the original b-luh, after b legit, it is 2 b-luh's (b-luh is 2 blunt wraps together to make an extra long blunt) together to make an extra fat b-luh. Have fun with that 6 grams kids.
Dude i smoked that b-luh c-luh with 2 homies last night, man was I high. I couldnt even open my eyes
by BR's all day long May 02, 2011
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The opposite of luh baby; a term showing affection from a female towards a male.
Yeah him right there that's my luh daddy and I'm his luh baby...
by Luhdaddys_shawty January 18, 2018
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When you meet some nice nigga out in public, so instead of saying you "love" them you "luh" them.
nigga: yo sup dawg?

me: luh nigga.
by iLuhNiggas October 17, 2017
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