Someone who enjoys the act of tickling others (usually ticklees), either for sexual pleasure or as something fun and innocent.

These people can experience ler moods, in which they want to tickle someone
"God, im in such a ler mood"
by UselessLee88 November 29, 2019
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Flactuating near or on someone.
I totaly just lered on him/her
by Chan Chan November 8, 2006
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people with the name ler ler are most likely to be introverted people. they are perfectionists. prob uses a lot of tissues. prob watches anime
“yooo that guy looks like a stinky weeb
yaaa he def a Ler ler ”
by naenae666 May 3, 2021
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One who has a fetish for tickling. The one who does the tickling.
Ler looking for a Lee for good times.
by ay_doughy January 19, 2009
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A term of friendship or affection. Commonly used in the runcorn area of liverpool.
"Alright ler?"

"laughins ler"
by KatehFlute July 5, 2007
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ler, used as an unknown emotion. Specific to SG and Gf3.
ler man.
hella yah ler!
by SomeGuy May 26, 2004
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an abbreviation of lollers, used primarily to designate a mild chuckle or a glorified giggle at most. below LOL on the scope of laughing. Lers is primarily used online through instant message programs such as those on Google's Gmail.
Rachel: She smelled pretty bad!!
Kevin: Lers, thats pretty funny
by Numba1Xclusive May 30, 2009
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