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An Adrian is a literally perfect guy. He's HOT, nice, smart, funny, easy to talk to and will let you borrow his jacket if you need it. An Adrian won't let you stop until you get it right and he will fight for the girl he wants to be with. Adrian is not a show off even if he's imfront of someone he wants to impress. He has a good ear and is good at sports (most likely soccer or snowboarding). Even if you don't think so he'll give you chance no matter what because he's not one to judge. He has almost ALL the ladies and is a great friend. Adrian is probably the best person you'll ever meet.
Girl 1- So who do you guys like?
Girl 2- Trevor
Girl 3- Adrian
Girl 4- Adrian
Girl 5- Adrian
Girl 6- Adrian
Girl 2- What about you?
Girl 1- Adrian
by Your_valentine April 03, 2013
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Such a wonderful person. Has such a caring heart. If you have him take care of him because you might lose him. He loves with all his heart. Doesn't see himself as he truly is. He is beautiful inside and out. In my opinion he needs to step back and see how amazing he actually is.
Oh Adrian is such a loving person
by A secret admirer <3 December 10, 2013
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The name of a god. Hearing his name, Adrian, produces subconscious orgasms - that's why you like it. Hear the musicality of Adrian. Repeat it, feel it - live it.

Being besides him makes you happier by the second, being together with him is called Heaven. Gentle, his touch makes entire worlds crumble to dust.
Adrian initiated Aphrodite.
by Gx1341 November 23, 2011
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the heccing void that eats all your food
adrian: *inhales the entire fridge*
Me: what the fucc adrian
by Lexipanpan May 06, 2019
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The biggest asshole youll ever meet speaks his mind and dont take shit from nobody looks mad all the damn time.
He's loyal if you his friend and will fuck anyone up for you.

got a good heart if you give him a chance and very caring. And he is also a very good listener but doesnt talk about himself much.
Adrian The most loyal person youll meet.
by Swishahouse January 01, 2018
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