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Not salad.
Adrian is not Salad
by Bub0nicFlea May 4, 2021
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The name of a god. Hearing his name, Adrian, produces subconscious orgasms - that's why you like it. Hear the musicality of Adrian. Repeat it, feel it - live it.

Being besides him makes you happier by the second, being together with him is called Heaven. Gentle, his touch makes entire worlds crumble to dust.
Adrian initiated Aphrodite.
by Gx1341 November 23, 2011
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-Wow did you hear Adrian memes?
-yeah, Lmao
by Okiedokie6 March 26, 2018
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Adrian is a good man. He is caring and compassionate. He has a great heart even in the midst of adversities in life. He is kind. He will go out of his way for someone he calls a friend. He is loving. He is always speaking life into people and making them feel like a million bucks. He is generous. He's quick to give up something if someone else needs or desires it. He is faithful. He is a man of his word, and when he is committed to something, he is fully committed. He is a good looking guy! He has beautiful eyes, and when he looks at you, it's like he can see right through you. He can discern what people are going through. He can tell when someone is hurting and loves to help. If you know an Adrian, I can bet your life has been greatly enriched by his presence!
Adrian is loved by The Lord and loved by all.
by Claire1995 July 9, 2015
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Although he has bad time management skills and a terribly strong loyalty to his work or job ,he's actually a very caring guy who tries his best to make friendships last and preserve moments with those he loves. Although he might look big and tough, or not have the best expression on his face from time to time, he can be a kickass person to have as a drinking buddy, or as a plus one when you are in a fight.

They are kind, compasionate, creative and artistic, but don't ask him about hentai cus that not so shy personality will shatter thus releasing the lust of Zeus in the form of sauce codes.
Guy 1: Haha, did you hear what Adrian did after that guy said that 177013 wasn't sad?
Guy2: Yeah apparently the fucker that said it can't walk anymore...
by ADudeIThinkHopefully October 11, 2021
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Adrian is a sweet caring guy, he will do anything for the one he loves. He works hard to keep a relationship. A lot of girls like him. He is very hot. He has really pretty eyes and the most perfect freckles. When he's around his friends he tends to get a bit sarcastic and goofy that that will never interfere with the love you will have for him. He is very funny and sarcastic. He has a very good sense of style.He has the most sweetest personality and he'll do whatever it takes to make you smile. He makes you get butterflies when he talks. You can tell him what you feel because he will help you with problems and he will help you get through them. Everything about him is just perfect! Maybe if your lucky enough you will find an adrian!
Hannah: hey look at that guy over there, he has really pretty eyes
Willow: yeah he's really funny too, i think his name is adrian
Hannah: it has to be
by TammyM March 12, 2017
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A hot ass guy that is strong and smart. Trys everything to keep a relationship from failing and is good when it comes to listening and talking (not to girls). Also know best for his abilities and experience in bed. A great friend and the best boyfriend to be with. On the other hand not the best person to mess with because he can fight. Adrian for some reason cannot hold a grudge for little things, but can and will not let it go if it horible. Even if he says he got over it (he really didn't). Another thing is once he likes someone he wont move on til he gets that person or he finally accepts that he is never going to get her. BUT just give him a chance... he may just be the best thing thats ever happen to you.
No Example of Adrian
by People_Person October 5, 2008
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