An adjective usually used to insult somebody by comparing them to another person / thing.
Person 1: Did you see Sean over there?
Person 2: The kid with the glasses?
Person 1: Yeah that Harry Potter lookin-ass.
by A Generic Video Game NPC November 06, 2019
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saying you look like someone or something....saying you resemble someone or something...someone with a stupid look


someone who looks so stupid
Yo Bill Cosby lookin ass.

Hey look theres a dog over there......LOOKIN ASS!
by that one kid named WALEED December 05, 2006
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Someone who has the inability to eat ice cream correctly. They eat it obnoxiously with odd mating calls in between. They also ignore the ice cream that just so happens to be coating their face.
Also known as Junebug lookin' ass.
Dude, did you see how ugly he was eating his ice cream? What a buzzard lookin' ass.
by Niggagrape July 06, 2011
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A term that call your friends when they say or do something very idiotic. This term is intended to be used for friends, as this term may either offend or confuse strangers.
"Bro, do you know what time it is?"
"Dude, there's a clock right in front of you. You a Dumb Lookin Ass!"
by DumbLookinAss May 22, 2016
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Dirty, crusty, usually a sexual insult term, grungy, nude sender/cock sucker, etc.
That bitch Tina is such a lorax lookin ass bitch!
by winnnnnnnnner99 December 06, 2016
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