the ULTIMATE teeny bopper store, stupid preteen girls who think theyre hot shit shop there to spend $200 on super padded bras and lime green satin pajamas. the color of the clothes are really bright and nauseating, usually neon pink or green. plays hilary duff and A*teens in the stores.
(actual lines from a limited too commercial..)

girl 1: sooo lyk what are you wearing for the first dya of skewl!!
girl 2: well, i dont mean to sound catty, but i AM wearing leopard..HEHeh!
by yaah August 29, 2005
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A preteen store. Its disgusting how they call it "for ages 7-14". I don't know ANYONE over the age of 11 who would ever want to go in there, or why for that matter.
Omy god!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Perry C. October 25, 2006
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A store for girly preteens (and young girls who think they're preteens) who think it makes them look like teenagers.
Preteen: Hey! Grandma won't pinch my cheeks and give me blankies if I wear Limited Too from head to toe! Then I'll look like a teenager! LOL YAYNESS!
by Mrs. Weird January 9, 2005
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a very sparkly store which, as you walk by catches your eye because it's so purple and sparkly. the store is overly happy and is aimed towards 7-11 year olds who most likely want to be cheerleaders when they're older. not preppy at all, just really girly and sparkly.
omg. limited too is just sosoososososos cool ....
by A.Lin January 20, 2006
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A store thats says its for 7-14 year old girls, but the only people that shop there are teenybopper sluts who are only 6. Sells thinks like jeans and t-shirts in the 20-40$ range and rip really easily (trust me I tried to rip one and it didnt even take a small tug at the seam)
And brightly colored bras that have 50 layers of padding. They also have cheesey commercials.
Jessica and Chloe spent 250$ at limited too.
by 'n stuffs September 2, 2007
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an overpriced store for slutty anorexic 10year olds
sally walked into ld2 with $100, a long sleaved shirt, and jeans
she came out with $10 and a belly shirt with a mini skirt
by the ruler of the earth! June 19, 2004
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do any of you guys know what freakin preppy is? preppy is like... aspen... not limited too.. god you fucks... get it right
limited too isnt preppy
by Ilovemyself July 20, 2004
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