when your mouth is so hot you decided to eat ice
by amogus so sus April 26, 2021
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What post coital withdrawl looks like up close.
"Hey Margaret. What does THAT look like? I think it looks like your grandfather eating ice cream."
by Running out of patience February 2, 2007
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Low key aka on the DL performing fellatio on an islander. Usually considered of the homosexual nature.
Bob: "Does John have a timeshare in Honolulu? I swear ever he started hanging out with that fellow Kaui, he doesn't want to hang out because he's 'always busy eating ice cream in Hawaii'."
by Professor TBD August 27, 2021
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A term used to describe a situation so fucked up that the situation can only conclude in a big mess.
Employee 1: Did you hear Kanye West is a human resources manager now?!?!!
Employee 2: Oh that is like the Cookie Monster Eating Ice Cream.
by Yellow 55 August 7, 2016
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Telling someone to f- off without actually saying it

A way of telling someone to leave you alone
Person #2: hey how are you doing today
Person #1: "Go eat some ice"
by Some1onearth June 13, 2022
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What you say when you know you're getting on someone's nerve
Dude, I know I'm eating your ice cream but you gotta hear me out...
by Birdyfly12 June 7, 2016
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