Liking to get in someones pants and wanting/having a 'bone'(r).

Gets distracted easily from one person and chases after multiple people.

They like to be at home(aka in the bed at home.)
"Girl, don't date him. All his exes say he's a dog."
by atotalbitch February 1, 2018
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to work like a dog, push yourself (or it) to the limit

This is derived from phrases such as “I am dog tired.” and “I'M GONNA DOG YOU ‘TIL YO’ TONGUE HANGS OUTCHO MOUTH LIKE A RED NECKTIE!!!”.
Cyclist 1: …ya ready to pack it in?
Cyclist 2: Let’s just dog it over that next hill…then we can pound a few brewskis.
by goose_on_a_roof August 26, 2022
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1. Your best friend
2. Your friend to lean on
3. Your companion
4. A big fluff ball of love
5.cant open its mouth to judge you

6. Protects you

7.the one you can cry on
8. Sit down and talk to him/her and she will listin
9. He/she loves you the most and would die for you

10. dog means love
Dog- your my best friend

I'll die for you.
by Hdjshdnsksnsjend February 23, 2017
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an animal that is like a wolf tamed or not tamed
The dog ran through the door to meet his owner that he last saw 2 years ago.
by yoloman4557@roblox November 7, 2017
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