Liking to get in someones pants and wanting/having a 'bone'(r).

Gets distracted easily from one person and chases after multiple people.

They like to be at home(aka in the bed at home.)
"Girl, don't date him. All his exes say he's a dog."
by atotalbitch January 31, 2018
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To Pimpius Maximus: or a very strong Pimp Hand.
Daaaaammmmnnn Nigga dat ho juz got A Doged! Or

We juz A Doggin it tonight. or
Ima A Dog the Shit out this bitch!
by Chicago Fats June 13, 2008
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Boy named Aidan who tends to do nothing but smoke, hangout with his girl maeg and sleep. Tends to be intimidated quickly when jacks come around the corner
by Jackoconnn July 18, 2018
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She was a dog to me, a corgi. Brilliant, charming, forgiving and fluffy
by Expertdoghandler46 September 08, 2016
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