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Peppa Pig is a cartoon character who is a pig and lives in a family. Somehow, when her father snorts, he creates a 7.5 on the Richter scale, and her brother is almost the equivalent of calliou but not as annoying and bratty. Peppa's freinds don't seem to show any liking towards her, and will probably betray her in high school (if she ever grows up).
Person 1: Hey look! It's a pig!
Person 2: That's Peppa Pigs father! Oh god why is the ground shaking?!
by A Generic Video Game NPC November 28, 2018

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An adjective usually used to insult somebody by comparing them to another person / thing.
Person 1: Did you see Sean over there?
Person 2: The kid with the glasses?
Person 1: Yeah that Harry Potter lookin-ass.
by A Generic Video Game NPC November 06, 2019

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A website where you go to look for commonly-used slang and end up getting the definition of a sex position.
*Looks up H*

Urban Dictionary: So basically the REDACTED and then REDACTED making the letter H, and can REDACTED

Me: Okay, what the fuck.
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by A Generic Video Game NPC March 02, 2020

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