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A loner is a leader who doesn't want to be followed.
Loners find their own solutions by taking their own advice, not other people's.
by Ice Warrier July 03, 2012
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One who is probably super intelligent but doesn't want anyone to know that.

Someone people call weird because they didn't give the loner a chance to get to know them.

Someone who keeps to themselves, doesn't like conflict, but could kick ass if needed.

Someone that no one really knows except a rare few.

Social when needed and usually very talkative.

A person who's been backstabbed way too many times.

Staying away so no one will get mad or jealous that she smiled and misunderstood it as being "flirting."

Someone who prefers being alone, or with few important people in their life, it's by choice. Less drama.

Small circles, chosen few, anti conflicts, kick ass, less drama.

Someone of these traits could constitute as "loner."
Hey look at her, she's such a loner!

Happy loner!
by lonerstatus March 19, 2013
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Someone who would rather be alone then with others, but this doesn't bother them, in fact they like it. It gives then time to be themselves, without having to worry about being judged by others. They may not talk the most, but when you just give them a chance they can be a friend that will never leave your side, especially when you need them the most.
hey look at that kid in the corner sitting by himself, he's such a loner
by Blinkerrr April 12, 2015
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Alright, kids, let's have a true, unbiased, comprehensible, detailed definition. First off, loners are not necessarily social retards or depressed. Yes, one could be a loner because they are depressed or lack social skills, but there are also many loners who are named as such because they simply prefer their own company. Loners are characterized by enjoying solitary activities, such as listening to and making music, constructing art, writing, reading, thinking, learning, gaming on the internet and in video games, going on the computer for whatever reason, and other individual hobbies. Loners listen to whatever music they like; anywhere from Baroque to Blues Rock, Heavy Metal to Folk, Indie to Rap, Country to Techno. They dress however they please; they may have their own individual style, or just wear standard jeans and a t-shirt from whichever store at which they find themselves. Loners are just as likely to suffer and not suffer from depression and other mental disorders as anyone else; however, more commonly found amongst loners than those that are social may be Schizoid Personality Disorder, because it is, by definition, a "disorder" in which one lacks the desire for interpersonal relationships. Society today associates itself with a dogma that everyone desires to be socialized, have a close-knit or large group of friends and loved ones, etc, so that when there is someone who prefers solitude, they are often attributed as strange, depressed, feeling unloved, or insecure. This is not true. Loners are very diverse individuals; same as a case with someone you may find who is a social butterfly that fits into no specific group, you cannot stereotype or pigeon-hole loners. The only characteristic they possess that detaches them from another label is that they prefer their lonesome company.
Loners just like to be by themselves. That's all there is to it.
by Fabula August 07, 2009
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Someone that likes being alone, and is happy with what they are. Often called freaks because the general population is too thinkheaded to understand the phrase "leave me the fuck alone"
He's such a loner, for some strange reason he doesn't want to have any friends.
by Broody January 29, 2004
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A person who is different by society, but is normal like everyone else. They prefer to be alone, but are just as smart as everyone else. They just prefer to be left is solitude.

1. A person who is unique and doesn't fit into any groups. (ex. punk, goth, cheerleader, jock, d***head, ect.) They are simply their own.

2. A person who society has labeled "unworthy of attention" or "different" or "retarded", when they are none. But they might not get happiness from society for turning them into freaks, leaving them friendless.

3) Someone who is wanted by everyone, but doesn't want to have to meet the excpectations.

If you see a loner, don't be a retard and make fun of them. Infact, you might be one yourself.
1. See that kid over there? He's cool, but he's a loner.

2. Haha, what are retarded loner, ooh he has a weird band shirt on! Let's beat him up!

3. Man, I would do ANYTHING to be his friend. Too bad he's a loner...

I'm a loner by society. Society can't take the fact that I am just myself. Screw society.
by Jinjondo June 15, 2011
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A person who actually has alot of self-confidence. They are able to do such things like go and see a movie or a concert alone and aren't concerned about being seen as a "loser" by their fellow human beings.

People are also loners because they prefer their own company and get tired of people asking "why are you so quiet" whenever you actually do mix at a group function. They aren't afraid of silence and don't feel the need to flap their lips with other people simply just to make noise because silences between people is for some reason taboo.

They are also generally calm passive type of people who don't make enemies and get along with everyone. Unfortunately our personality type also makes the best serial killers, we are calm, cool headed, and methodical.
The world needs loners, we aren't freaks, we are the quiet peaceful achievers in society while the loudmouths get the spotlight.

We can mix in groups when we want to but find it forced and unnatural. You'll find we actually have quite strong opinions on matters since we have alot of time to sit and think over issues
by shadey81 August 25, 2008
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