To achieve god-hood is to get all your code through all the W3C Validators.
Tim Berners-Lee just validated his Online Style Guide at W3C. About time, man.
by Olle Jonsson January 15, 2004
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A term thrown around with no explanation in Shot Caller. The word used when a person has been confirmed as being involved in a gang, prison or otherwise. Could lead to more restricted priveleges in the hole, segregation from general pop, and possible time in the SHU. Once you have been validated and are out of prison, you get a "special condition" of your parole, and that means that you cannot associate with anyone who is a gang member, former gang member, affiliate, associate whether you knew it or not. If you are caught doing so, you get more time.
Money "you know I can't be seen around anyone validated"
by Snow* September 21, 2017
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Used when you're making a statement about how someone's personality, character, or entire existence, is 100% normal and should be seen/accepted as a good thing.
Sarah: Tom, did you erase all my MP3s?
Tom: Hey! File sharing is a crime, and I'm not gonna be anally raped so you can listen to Usher.
Sarah: *Sigh* You know Tom, this whole "anal rape" thing is really causing both of us to miss out on a lot in life

Sarah walks away. Seconds later, she realizes her mistake for calling out her husband's traumatizing fear of being anally raped. Tom, who stands in the kitchen with a stern but calm face, watches as his wife approaches him with a serious look.

Sarah: Tom, honey, I...I' sorry. I shouldn't have treated your issue so carelessly. I shouldn't have been so...inconsiderate of how you feel. Your fear, your issue, 100% valid and I want you to know that I care about you. I know the trauma that you went through was hurtful and has caused you pain and suffering, but I want to let you know...I will always be there for you. Being so open about how you're feeling and expressing your emotions and fears shows how much of a real man you are. That makes you so much of a valid person. It's the reason I married you Tom. I hope you can forgive me. I love you.

Tom sheds a tear as he listens to every word Sarah has spoken to him. He's stunned and relieved to hear how much his wife loves him.

Tom: Sarah, I always knew you were the one the first time we met. Those words just made my day. I love you too Sarah.

Tom and Sarah glance into each other's eyes, and share a wholesome kiss.
by Keep Your Head Up High January 31, 2020
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1: Someone who is hot, cute, or attractive

2: Something that is enjoyable, fun, and liked
Person 1: Damn you see that girl over there
Person 2: Yeah she's valid

Person 1: Yo that party last night was valid
Person 2: Yeah but those shoes I had on were valid too
by Shrimp Dick & Big Balls Cailou February 5, 2017
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Damn That Girl"s Fine Af, She As Valid As Sam Jabra
by Food38 July 15, 2015
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Something that is very cool, exciting or of a high standard.
1. Nice boarding move - valid!
2. Man, how valid was that movie?
3. Check out the wheels on that beast - now that's valid!!
by Bills Gate January 18, 2004
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