There are three types of loners:
1. A person who doesn't know how to connect with others, verbally, or physically, even though they may want to. This is either due to lack of skills, mental social deficiency, or anxiety. The causes of which are myriad.
2. A person who does know how to connect with others, but chooses not to because they view people as either victims or prey. A predator usually operates best alone in the human environment.
3. A person who knows how to connect with others, but others do not know how to reciprocate. This type of person is usually very gifted intellectually and they understand and even take for granted many concepts,social que's,and knowledge as being "common" and "understood." This accelerated comprehension is beyond the others ability to keep pace and scope, so they lose interest. The "loner" here is not attempting to be offputting, they are simple comprehending the world through their mind, as the other is through their mind. Neither is wrong, or even better. It is simply a matter of their being fewer highly intelligent people, therefore making it difficult for them to connect with others. This type of loner is the saddest, because they have so much to offer, but no one can hear them.
Example of 1. A quiet lady who comes into a bar alone, sits down and orders a drink. She allows others to talk to her, but doesn't know what, when or how to say what they want to express. Unclearness regarding the boundaries and potential reactions of the other is at the root of the silence.
Example of 2. A quiet male enters a bar and sits innocuously in the corner, with a low profile and makes no attempt to stand out in any way. They usually pick a strategically advantageous place to watch and listen to the goings on others. He will be seen regularly and will be known as very polite, quiet and easygoing. He identifies targets based on whatever is driving his predatory instinct. He then begins to work on a plan to carry out his attack. They are often the last person anyone would suspect, they have no friends, and they don't talk about themselves at all, beyond the cursory, which is why these types are so very difficult for law enforcement to catch.
Example 3. A man comes into a bar, he smiles and readily strikes up conversations with others. Within a few minutes the other begins to feel a sense of being "lost" in the conversation. There is a feeling of disconnect. Within a few more minutes the man is left to himself. This cycle will repeat itself unless he becomes intoxicated, then much of the intellect is short circuited and some connectivity can occur. This type of person can eventually become a type 1 loner because they are at a loss of exactly how to socially communicate more effectively, and so lose interest. Ironically this is due to the difficulty of it. A loose analogy would be how adult people lose interest in talking to children about adult topics and more often vice-versa. The IQ distance can be as great as a five year old talking to a twenty something, except everyone in this situation, everyone is an adult.
by eloopmas October 05, 2007
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A person who prefers to be by themself. Usually of low self-confidence resulting from severe depression. May have had a hard up bringing. Never fit into a social group (i.e. Preppie, punk, goth, jock, etc.) Not influenced by trends or fads. Has more original likes/dislikes than the common over commercialized asshole running around. Likes things that require INTELLIGENCE to understand. Many would like to have social lives but are rejected by ignorant assholes that don't realize these people actually have feelings, thus putting the loner back even further in social development. Many times called a "psycho" or a "retard", when they're probably the smartest or sanest person in the room!
The loner is the one that doesn't get invited to the bar after work.
by cweltsch October 12, 2006
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A person who is naturally unsocial and tries hard to hide it in a naturally social world. A person who walks alone, hates being approached, and spends their free time alone. A person is accustomed to being alone. A person compensates their social flaws through arts and sports. You might not be able to spot them right away but within one conversation you'll know who they are. You'll usually find them sitting alone or on their computer. You might mistaken their social awkwardness for retardation. Generally society ignores them but assholes never fuck off. Some people want their attention and will be assholes to get it. People critisize loner calling them depressed, socially unstable, or pretentious. But they are simply people who feel more comfortable by themselves because they have nothing to say. Loners are not boring,you'll find a bestfriend in one if you take the time to get to know one.
So, what are you going to do this weekend?

The mall

With who?

By myself

Wow you have no life get some friends loner
by kijhg March 19, 2013
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a loner is a smart person that likes to be left alone and or dosnt like the so called friends she or he has most of the time loners are left out because her or his friends changed and dont like the fact that he or she didnt!!
a loner is left out because her or his friends always wants attention and is annoying and her friend dont want to be around her or him so they leave the group that she or he use to hang out with and the other ppl in the group stay with the annoying and attention wantes because she or he is considered "cool" so the one that went away fromj what bothers her or him becomes a loner cuz she is not a falower!!!
by Patisha November 02, 2007
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Someone who has no friends or someone who likes being alone
Dan: She is such a loner Sarah: no she isn't she just likes being alone
by Karen may July 26, 2017
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Commonly confused with a lonely person(no friends) but being a loner is diffrent meaning you have friends(people you are cool with)but you dont depend on people and like to be alone and just chill
Man: shes such a loner

Tyler: no she just doesn't fw the drama
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by Nahhbae November 16, 2019
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Somebody who prefers to be alone.
Harun is such a loner; he's always sitting by himself. He even sits by himself at football and basketball games. Oh,well,as long as he's content to be a loner.
by JMC70 February 02, 2017
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