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A loner is a person who doesn't need any friends but often feels like he or she should because it's "normal" by the standards set arount him/her. Any social contact feels like a burden and is likely to be avoided at any time. A loner is not an asocial character and can be very entertaining in a group he or she feels comfortable in. The loner is very picky in his or her friends and does not trust people very easily, the people that he or she trusts are often liftime companions and are often the best of friends a person can have.
At work a loner is not always looked at as an loner as long as he or she is feeling happy about his or her job and often communicates with others very easily. The only problem comes to mind when those he or she works with want to become a social figure outside the work area, the loner usualy avoids contacts outside the work area.
When a loner finds a companion he or she loves intimate that person becomes a trustee and the loner tries to hold on to this relationship as long as possible.
My life as a Loner.
In my life so far I only felt in love once (im 28 right now) I met her at my job during the holidays, it was very hard for me to make contact with her. I was so afraid she would not like me and before I made any move whatsoever I needed to now if she liked me too. Luckily for me we had time to get to know each other and my selfconfidence grew by the days we worked together. One particular day I found the courage and asked her out for a date, she accepted and that led to a 3 year relationship.
We broke up 3 years ago and I felt betrayed and still feel like this to this day, but in my hart I know it's just me who's in the wrong.
by MKCoev February 23, 2008
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