1. In an transmission (car or otherwise), the activity of changing a gear to run the system optimally.

2. Used to describe the activity of having vaginal sex and then casually moving to anal sex. This activity generally surprises girls!
My boyfriend switch gears on me last night and I slapped his ass. He will not get any for a while.

Girl1 Hola chica!
Girl2 My BF swiched gears on me last night.
Girl1 How did that go???
Girl2 I was mad at first, but I got used to it. The best part is when he nuts in my ass, I can't get pregnant! My butt is a bit sore though.
by RobYo June 19, 2008
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An art form crafted and mastered by the Schielke.Very complicated and hard to master but when mastered,you can control the entire tech room.
Alex:this project sucks
Schielke:Ok,lets Switch Gears
by The Schielkmiester October 12, 2018
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