Funny on a scale that kills 6 million people.
"man that joke caused a lolocaust"
by Brando January 22, 2006
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The systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored murder of approximately six million lolz.
lolocaust :O
by bobjobforjohn January 25, 2011
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a lolocaust is a genocide of epic proportion however it is only acceptable to mock said genocide 50 years or more after the incident.

rwanda genocide=not cool

as you can see, the rules for calling lolocaust are clear
by chubby thy legend January 29, 2010
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A satirical play on the word holocaust and the netspek term 'lol.' Used as a sarcastic reference to the overuse of lol, but is often used to mock netspeak in general, as well as those who use it.
omfg leik ur teh l337 hax0r lolocaust!!1!. Idiot, get a dictionary.
by Hauptjäger January 25, 2005
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Bob - Jack got merked.
Tom - lol

lolocaust in action.
by a tizzo April 28, 2009
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A lol to the extent that 6 million people die.
An exagerated sarcastic lol to let someone know you don't really care what the fuck they're talking about.
Greg:(insert funny phrase or anecdote)
Jenny: Lolocaust!
Greg: So we went to go pick up the motor for the boat today and...
Jenny: Lolocaust!
by Tom Hart July 11, 2007
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the death of all the "lol" in the room, chat room, thread, etc.
oh wow. jjcoolj just killed that thread. what a lolocaust.
by Graham November 2, 2003
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