This is the term used to describe the effect of a massively funny joke or situation, one that causes 6 million or more people to die laughing.
The term "Lolocaust" references The Holocaust, a massive extermination of Slavs, physically or mentally disabled peoples, gay men, religious and political dissidents, and, mostly notably, Jews, which occurred during World War II at the hands of the Nazis.
by D.J. Roefaro December 22, 2007
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A joke you shouldn't laugh at, but you do anyway.
Mary: What's the difference between a pizza and a jew?

Elizabeth: What is?

Mary: A pizza doesn't scream in the oven...

Elizabeth: LOLOCAUST
by nyawww February 08, 2011
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A satire, most commonly on 'Loldozer' or 'Roflcopter'. As opposed to 'My Roflcoper goes swa swa swa', one may put forth 'My Lolocaust goes swa, swa, swastika'.

Furthermore, a lot of people died in the Holocaust.
"My Lolocaust goes Swa, swa. swastika'
by Zach Powers October 07, 2006
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The mass banning of furries on an online community.

This is the final solution to controlling an extremely severe infection of furry deviants where it is not wanted, asked for or even remotely implied that said platform is a place to exercise such debauchery.

This tactic was first concocted by the site Fuhrer (Lowtax) on Something Awful to tackle the furry problem. The "Furry Concentration Camp"(FCC) was created as a sewer to get the furries out of the other forums. All that used the FCC was given a "Yiff" star on their profile, and all with this star was quarantined. Eventually, FCC was shut down, and all its users were banned. This came to be known as the "Comedy Lolocaust".

4chan was also suffering from a similar problem on the /b/ board, so they took note of the successful execution of this answer to the furry question. The /fur/ board was created, then deleted, with all that posted in the board being banned. This came to be known as "April Furs Day" (Comedy Lolocaust, electric boogaloo).

How to answer the furry question.

1. Make a subforum/board dedicated to the furries.

2. Let them know that you have just set up a new camp where they can do as they please.
3. Wait a few days to make sure most of the undesirables are where they belong, using force (ban) if required.
4. Turn the gas to 6 and set to auto cook till not a single sole is left in the camp.

Congratulations, you have just executed a flawless Lolocaust.
Moderator: All these damn furries won't stop posting!

Admin: Just made a furry channel, We can round them up and ban them all.
Moderator: Hell yeah! Let the Lolocaust begin!
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by Pseudonymity0000 November 07, 2017
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a lolocaust is a genocide of epic proportion however it is only acceptable to mock said genocide 50 years or more after the incident.

rwanda genocide=not cool

as you can see, the rules for calling lolocaust are clear
by chubby thy legend January 29, 2010
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