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the endless bloodshed for the hutus and tutsis. rwanda is a tiny, destitute nation that is known for extreme poverty and violence. the african nation was colonized by the germans, but after WWI, the belgians were given control. belgian officials played on native quarels and gave the wealthier minority tutsis control over the government. after independence, however, the hutus reaffirmed control until the 1990s. that's when the RFP, a tutsi sponsored militia from uganda, invaded rwanda and civil war broke out. the result was a massive genocide that killed about 1 million tutsis and nearly 500k hutus who did not support the civil war. rwanda has yet to really recover from this.
by Ben E. Hama January 30, 2007
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1. Utterance denoting the occurance of an unfortunate event.
2. The second funniest genocide in history.
"Tigermart closed five minutes ago... Rwanda."
by Kyle Zyker February 09, 2006
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