Dying a slow death can refer to people who may be living a mundane or a life without productivity or purpose. Such as a person who does not participate in society and rather watches television nearly all day, everyday. This can also include people who for some reason my have complete social isolation.
I once spoke to an Australian Aboriginal elder about the alcohol crisis in indigenous communities. He said that most of the people who drink alcohol to excess do so as it gave them something to do and an escape. He said these people weren't living but were actually dying a slow death.
by J-Jim August 24, 2019
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Aids..... When you get it you will slowly die.....
Jimmy wrapped his shit up, he isn't trying to get the slow death
by pmack October 22, 2007
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Slow Death is another term for the San Diego Area, named so because of the shitty punk scene.
by youthenasia April 4, 2008
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slow death can be used to as a reference to coffee.
She took a sip of slow death deathly through her lips.
by Nevets Zhang January 28, 2011
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