Speaking in ways commonly used to converse in text on the internet.

Including but not limited to; the (often unnecessary) abbreviation of words, acronyms special characters (@,~), numbers (l33tsp33k), *actions*, /me command, "ooc" and other RP references, emotes, ASCII, Real or Pseudo Programming Code, and HTML tags

The recent popular use of text messaging on cell phones seems to have made the shortening of words much more common than ever before.

Also: netspeek, netsp33k, n37sp33k, and other variations.
/me runs r0uNd scr33ming ooc "I R 1337~!" ^_^ </st00pid> >_<
by Depherios November 15, 2003
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An easy way to determine the IQ of the person you are talking to over the Internet. See chatspeak.
Person 1: howz r u 2day!!!!!!!111
Person 2: IQ is 41.
by Anonymous March 6, 2005
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Otherwise known as chatspeak, a process of shortening words and replacing letters with different letters and/or symbols to supposedly make the typing process shorter. Lacks proper punctuation and capitalization. Hard to understand and a sign of idiocy when used heavily, but sometimes useful when in a hurry or text messaging.
Stupid: LYKE ONG!!!ONEONE11!!

i g2g to da stor 2day c ya l8er LOLZ

i @m 5o 1337 i pwn joo

Useful: Uh oh, I have to go answer the phone. BRB.
by Yonnie October 25, 2004
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What incoherent morons overuse because they're too idiotic to type a few extra letters.
People who 'type lyke dis' should die because 'lyke' isn't even shorthand.
by Not Another Teen Trend May 27, 2003
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Making a typo on purpose or else ignoring the rules of grammar and spelling completely
Person A) U R teh best man!
Person B) Don't you mean "YOU ARE THE best, man"?
Person A) That's what I just SAID. DUH.
by Cassidy Peterson January 20, 2004
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the art of communication over electronic networks, cyberspace, such as the internet(s) in which the communicator(s) keyboardist(s) believes/believe that she/he/they are speaking in real time to at least one other human in a one on one conversation.
I netspeak, on occasion, with well known people such as Steve Martin, Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg and the great mushroom in the sky.
by James Anderson Hall November 11, 2006
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