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An internet sarcasm marker. Usually used to type sarcastic messages, accompanied by bad spelling and grammar.

Also a common typo, but it's usually liek, since you hit the i first, most likely.
lol leik u shud ttly kill ur princepal.
by AlucardZ December 08, 2007
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Another one of my common typos that I ahve decided to institue as a word in my vocabulary. The same definiton as like, leik is a common typo amongst the fast or inept typers of the world. You can also check out another common typo, ahve(meant to be have).
I was really was supposed to ahve gone to pick up the movies, but I had to talk to this girl that has leiked me for about two summers now.
by Ian Suri July 26, 2005
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leik is a type of word is when your friend is being an ass about English like say that you make a mistake in spelling so you say leik instead of likes your friend continuous to be an asshole or say it to annoy somebody
hey babe do you leik me?
Hey bro leik do you even english??
by Iwantrodie101 January 16, 2019
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