A very heinous crime in Skyrim. Guards make this quite clear.
No lollygagging.
by Anonymous938743 September 3, 2012
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to laze around, doing nothing, being a blob, wasting time, just chilling... i mean if there's a major assignment to hand in in 5 minutes only typed the words 'sexy triceratops' and slapped on some rainbows. (can't relate) maybe not chilling but it's pretty much how almost everyone is spending quarantine.

or you just have a fetish for choking on lollipops.

and is a crime of war....i'll get prepared to get cuffed.
"my cat May spends the WHOLE day just lollygagging because her CHONKy belly is the size of the back garden"

some lady (or man, not judging): "girllll mah boyfriend spent the WHOOOLE night lollygagging me with his lolly like mmmmmmmm"
their minions: "YAAAaaaAs KWEEEEEN"
by lYDia THe steGoSAurUS May 13, 2020
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To do a lot of talking about nothing very important.
The girls were lollygagging all night about the new boy in town.
by SKYPEARL November 3, 2011
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Lolly:gagging- to Pussyfoot
you were lollygagging when slobbin my knob. Quit pussyfooting around.
by 307joe July 29, 2011
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lollygagging is a phrase some people don't know what it means or uses it as an excuse!
I like to accuse people of lollygagging
by nascarfan90 March 8, 2019
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To choke on a lolly.
Tate was dickheading around with a lollipop in his mouth. Predictably, he ended up lollygagging.
by Blue Socked Llama August 19, 2007
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