1.Procrastination in its fullest.

2.Purposely finding other things to do other than what you should be doing

1.Lolly Gagger-A person that procrastinates, sometimes so much that they forget that they had something to do in the first place
-Adding definitions to Urban Dictionary when you should be typing a paper

-Skipping work and/or school to do anything other than work or school

Christa: Hey Katrina! What you got up for today?

Katrina: Nothing much, about to watch this marathon of Lost.

Christa: I thought you had a midterm tomorrow?

Katrina: I do; I'm gonna study before class.

Christa: You Lolly Gagging!
by Ms. Awesomeness February 24, 2010
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Inserting a lollipop into one's knob hole and deep throating a woman with it. At the point of cumming the man take out the lollipop cumms on it and hands it to the woman.

This extremely kinky thing has been banned in the province of Skyrim for 150 years.
By Harry McD. Lollygagging
by l Meraxes l December 19, 2012
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lollygagging is a phrase some people don't know what it means or uses it as an excuse!
I like to accuse people of lollygagging
by nascarfan90 March 07, 2019
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A pretty rare slang word used in the 80’s.
Doing something pointless, hanging around, loitering or doing nothing.
β€œShane, stop lollygagging, for God’s sakes!”
β€œI love to lollygag.”
by AnnabelleS October 09, 2018
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