1. Charge (someone) with an offense or crime

eg. he was accused of murdering his wife's lover

2. Claim that (someone) has done something wrong

eg. he was accused of favoritism
1. "I accuse the president of the Palestinian Authority of providing coverage of this holocaust in Gaza," Mashaal said.

2. "It was a very tough decision," USOC chairman Peter Ueberroth said before opening a sealed envelope and revealing the winning city. "If I had all the power - and sometimes people accuse me of that - I would take the map and merge the two...
by BikerBoy19 August 30, 2010
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A Latin word that cannot do an action (unless infinitive)
"The accusative cannot do an action" said Mr Anderson.
by Cassette_Tayp May 28, 2019
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The process of blaming some one for something
''Stop making up accusations that aren't true'
by _lollllllll____ March 28, 2017
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The act of putting your index finger into a girls anus while you are having sex with her, as if you are pointing out some wrongdoing her soul has commited. It is done best without her permission.
The sex was kinda dull until i gave her the accuser.
by kegtown October 23, 2010
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It looked like she was fucking himand they insinuated that she was fucking him for months before I said anything. And a person who also did it admitted to doing it.
Hym "I didn't accuse anyone of anything. They insinuated that it was happening and it looked like it was happening because it was happening... Well... I'm sure I've accused a lot of people of a lot of things. But not that. Also didn't try to plagiarism anyone. When I was accused I admitted that I got if from somewhere else immediately. But that wasn't good enough was it? Because we didn't like how I said it did we?"
by Hym Iam July 18, 2022
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In FPS games, when someone notices the high amount of frags another player has compared to theirs, and falsely accuses them of using hack, cheat, or bot programs. Often owners of game servers ban people for starting arguments this way, asking instead to report hackers to the admins rather than starting flame wars.
J03 L4m3r: RedBlade7 has 30 frags and I only have 17! He must be hacking.
RedBlade7: Stop with the noob accusations. You're just losing.
by RedBlade77 February 25, 2011
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When someone fasly accuses you of doing something that you didn’t do.
Boyfriend: You weren’t really taking a nap we’re you? I bet you were cheating because you’re a liar or some shit

Girlfriend: Why are you accusing me of being a cheating liar when I was just fucking sleeping ? Stop giving me false accusations
by SGM01 September 24, 2018
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