Lolly:gagging- to Pussyfoot
you were lollygagging when slobbin my knob. Quit pussyfooting around.
by 307joe July 28, 2011
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An illustration of Lolly Gagging:

by Peter Eaton December 27, 2006
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lollygagging is a phrase some people don't know what it means or uses it as an excuse!
I like to accuse people of lollygagging
by nascarfan90 March 07, 2019
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(Verb) Th action and resulting noises that happen when someone named Lolly is "servicing" a guy with too big a tool.
Big Jim was so well endowed that when Lolly was trying to blow him she ended up Lollygagging and spit up all over his new shoes!
by czbg September 25, 2013
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Male on male oral sex; gay blow job.
I think Andrew and Robbie were lolly-gagging in their dorm, which would explain why they locked the door in the afternoon.
by guiltyascharged October 15, 2007
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To choke on a lolly.
Tate was dickheading around with a lollipop in his mouth. Predictably, he ended up lollygagging.
by Blue Socked Llama August 18, 2007
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