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A slacker, life is laidback. If you give a fuck, that's one fuck too much.
Williams! You're late for work again, you slack-ass lollygagger. Drop and give me 50.
by Flea23 July 24, 2004
someone who is by nature, always late, and incredibly slow getting things done.
My boyfriend is a lollygagger, he makes me late for everything!
by Fiannasidhe July 22, 2004
:Lol'i*gag*er, a.(lollygagging);

Lollygagger, The art of being extremely slow at everything; sloth like; moving a small distance in a long time; not quick in motion; tardy; to delay; sluggish; a habitually slow dude.
Yo, Sketchly! Im ready to go to the bar. Why you still putting on your damn socks? Your a damn lollygagger, always taking your sweet ass time. Im going without you! Peace, im out! You lollygagging bitch!
by Bertabun November 10, 2006
A lazy person, somebody who is idle - a slacker
- Phillips, quit reading that porno and get back to work you lollygagger
- The train and bus drivers are a bunch of lollygaggers
by Brother Number One November 30, 2005
someone who is lazy, idle, useless
MR BURNS: D'uh. that is the fattest lollygagger ive ever seen
SMITHERS: Oooh how he could gag my lolly
MR BURNS: That sounded kinds gay smithers

by Brother Number One September 28, 2005
the term derived from kids sucking on lollypops so much hence the term "lolly" and they never relinquished it from their mouths thus making them loiter hence the term "gaggers"
speedy gonzales was always running therefore he is NOT a lollygagger.
by ken loney (kendostick) January 18, 2009
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