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A Pointless and worthless day invented by Hersheys Confectionary Co and Joining forces with Teleflora Florists and Corbans Wine Makers just so they can profit out of Wine, Cholocates and Flowers, while single people suffer at the clutches of the hands of this evil and corrupt capitalist-orientated day that is not even a fucking holiday period.
Valentines Day should be banned and all those celebrating it shot.
by Brother Number One March 21, 2004

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A White Kid pretending to act like hes Black, s/he has appalling spelling and grammar skills and usually finds it hard to speak proper english.
Wigger: Whaddit be up 'omie

Normal Person: What?

Wigger: Yo Nigga Be it up to My omiez down frum da westside of da bronx Brutha Know whaddym Sayin

Normal Person: Learn to speak english

Wigger: whaddu yooz talkin bout niggah, diz iz inglish innit?

Normal Person: No, Thats oompaloompaish or whatever foreign language you speak
by Brother Number One May 30, 2004

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AKA the Drug Enforcement Agency, A so called US law enforcement agency, however they ar ein reality Americas SS/Gestapo, the DEAs Job is to throw any non-violent and peaceful pothead into the Gulags for a non-existant "crime". while Drunks go around beating the hell outta people, crashing there cars and shooting there wives.
The DEA needs to be DE-stroyed.
by Brother Number One March 21, 2004

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something that requires no talent to make as it only uses cheap shitty computer software and some blond bimbo slut or some batty boy preppie faggot male to "sing" the shitty lyrics some cocklord named Bjorn from Armenia wrote.

In fact it shouldnt even be legally defined as music Call it Horrible Talentless Noise
Horrible Talentless Noise
by Brother Number One December 07, 2003

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A Pathetic no-talent bunch of wankplanks featuring a dirty slut as one of there "vocalists" They have no talent whatsoever and the female in the group gives the others free head when she knowns in reality shes a professional prostitute and cannot sing worth shit.
Black Eyed Peas need to die (esp Fergie that slut bitch of a ho)
by Brother Number One June 22, 2005

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one of many heavy psychedelic rock band sof the 1960s, members included eric clapton, jack bruce, and ginger baker, noted for classic tracks such as 'White Room', 'Strange Brew', 'SWABLAR', and 'Toad' after creams break up clapton went on to pursue an extremely successful solo career which is still going today.
Disraeli Gears is the best Cream album of all. Then its Fresh Cream.
by Brother Number One July 08, 2004

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a toilet
i neeta go to the Bog
by Brother Number One November 07, 2003

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