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formerly to describe a national of iraq but now used to denote a tribe of Arabs who are part of the 52nd state of the united states after the denationalisation of there country in April 2003.
Iraqis are now American Subjects and nationals
by Brother Number One May 10, 2004
Teh Act of Killing all Trendy and Preppy People on earth by whatever means possible
cos everybody thinks the preps are everybodys little darlings, we may as well commit acts of prepocide against these slutty scumwhores and there trendfag boyfriends
by Brother Number One May 6, 2003
abbr. for Member of Parliament in countrys with the Westminster system of Government
Paul Swain (nz) Alexander Downer (Au) Thabo Mbeki (SA), Paul Martin (CA) Jack Straw (UK)
by Brother Number One May 29, 2005
Mindless retarded 13-17 year old girls who dress like whores and listen to NStink, Backdoor Boys, Bebounce, Slutina, Bitchney, Bitchenys Whores etc etc....Need to be taken away forre-education then sent to the killing fields alongside there crappy top 40 pop groups.
by Brother Number One November 16, 2003
innocent looking bracelets which are otherwise more evil than critics imagine them to be. Pimply faced teenage boys are supposed to rip one of them off judging by the colour and the girl is supposed to reurn a favour of a sexual and graphic nature depending on the colour. These items must be banned because they destroy the moral values of our children and promote a moral decay upon society. Anybody caught wearing them should be beaten with sticks and punished Taliban Style - Hey if they can ban people from dropping Class A hallucinagins or Class C herbs and punsih them why cant they ban these "Sex Bracelets" and punish the wearer/buyer as well as the seller with beatings, whippings even hangings? These bracelets are the prime example of the americo-ZOG conspiracy to destroy our youth and the world.
when i was a teenager marely 10 years ago - anybody caught wearing these jelly bracelets would be beaten and stoned to death for being a slut. Todays Teenagers are sick brains.
by Brother Number One February 27, 2005
To describe a male who is of Homosexual Nature
Hey those Gaylords are acting like a bunch of Smithers again Sir.
by Brother Number One November 6, 2003
a person/s who wanna-be skaters by dressing like them even tho they are not skaters and women who dress in tight white pants FMB's, a mini skirt and tube top.
Gemma Hall, Katie Ross
by Brother Number One December 8, 2003