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1 - One of the most popular and loved Characters from the Animated sitcom the simpsons runs the Kwik-E-Mart with his Brother Sanjay. Was a member of the barbershop quartet the bee sharps. He is currently married to Manjula and a proud father of Octuplets. Apu is voiced by hank azaria

2 - The Finnish word for "Help"
"Thank you pleae come again"
"he slept he stole, he was rude to the customers, still there goes the best damned employee a kwik e mart could get".

"apu, apu my car has broken down near Helsinki, apu please im late for work"
by Brother Number One June 06, 2005
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a young male, who drives around in a late model car - usu. his parents or brought off his parents credit card, blasting out limp bizkitt or rap music at 200,000db and wanting to race every motorist they see, often referred to as scum, spoilt brats, losers,
see those boyracers over there??? im guuna ram his car off the road - that spoilt fucker
by Brother Number One May 06, 2003
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1 - the former iraqi infomation minister best known for his misrepresented remarks during the Iraqi wars of 2003.
da americans have been blowen all the way to hell, we are winning.
by Brother Number One June 27, 2003
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1 - to describe any situation wher ethe pigs come and steal your weed and arrest u for it

2 - a crappy pop group
1 - dude, got busted for possession, im in jail come bail me out bro.

2 - Busted Suck
by Brother Number One December 08, 2003
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a place where three of my countrymen died because of some scrotrot muslim terrorist muthafuckers who think they can dominate the world.
12/10/02 will be remembered.....
by Brother Number One October 12, 2003
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