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means crazy, nuts, insane. Can be used in different sentences to mean different things
That girl right there is driving me bizzerk.

im going bizzerk right now!
by bertabun October 23, 2006

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:Lol'i*gag*er, a.(lollygagging);

Lollygagger, The art of being extremely slow at everything; sloth like; moving a small distance in a long time; not quick in motion; tardy; to delay; sluggish; a habitually slow dude.
Yo, Sketchly! Im ready to go to the bar. Why you still putting on your damn socks? Your a damn lollygagger, always taking your sweet ass time. Im going without you! Peace, im out! You lollygagging bitch!
by Bertabun November 10, 2006

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