An abbreviation for Laugh Out Loud, or a nickname for someone named Lola.
Bella: Hey Lol
Lola: Hey Bella, Lol your hair is funny today
by lopsided cucumber May 21, 2019
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In it's day, the net abbreviation for the words "laugh out loud" and "lots of love" were both used to express true feelings.
Let's start with "Laugh Out Loud".

It is normally used, quite obviously, to imply that statement is humorous, such as;
Person 1 : I just watched (insert funny moving picture).

Person 2: Lololololololololol!!!!!11111@@@

In this example, person 2 implies that he/she is laughing at the phrase.

It's now very plain to see that Person 2 didn't even care to read the said message.

Here are the new definitions, the redifined lol.

1. I didn't care to read what you took the time to write to me, so i blurted out lol, the word that is always on the top of my mind, always to be used on message boards and all that crap.

2. I listened, but your quote lacked any humorous content. I will pretend it did to make you feel good.

3. I have nothing to say that will be of real significance to this debate/conversation, so i will pretend i know what i'm doing.

4. I really don't care.

Lots of love, my personal favourite definition, has kept it's true meaning.

The only definition...

The sender of this slang is showing that he/she loves you.
It's a sweet way, to say Lol, but sometimes i think that the sender could express it a little more, because three letters is a little cheap.
Sad Person: My cat just died...

Mindless net-geek: LOLLLLL!!11111

Girlfriend (with a life): Bye, babe, LoL.

Boyfriend (also with a life): -Speechless-

And, if you were nice enough to actually read this definition, you're my favourite. Yes, you.
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An expression used when you feel something SHOULD be funny, but don't find it funny yourself


An expression used to convey confusion
Some Guy: lol I'm cracking halo
Another Guy: lol?

Some Guy: dude i saw sumthin weird 2day
Another Guy: lol?
by Oididoi November 07, 2004
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A Tiefighter seen from above.
Oh my mustard, look, a squadron of tiefighters!




by Eudoros January 24, 2007
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Originally meant "laughing out loud" but is now so overused that it now means "I find that vaguely amusing" also a filler word now when there is a puse in the conversation or the person is lost for a response, or they are too stupid or lazy to think of one.
A: I'm probably gonna kill myself tonight...
B: lol
by philanthropic arsonist November 15, 2005
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A happy face that has been bred with a lol.
It may be used in moments where a normal lol is not up to standards.
Man 1: Dude look at this cat eating a fish

Man 2: Lol)
by mmmsnsna December 30, 2008
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Løl, also løl, LøL, lØl, løL, LØl and lØL, means the same as lol.
Mostly Scandinavians uses this, since they have got the "ø" on their keyboard.
Boy: Wanna go out with my brother?
Girl: Hell yeah. Løl!
by Chrallestar October 05, 2008
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