A redundant way to say you're laughing. It roughly translates into "hahahaha im laughing" or "lol lol". Kind of pointless.
"My speech is 10 minutes long."
"Wow that's really long."
"That's what she said!"
"Haha lol."
by Flippy Cool Beans MN February 10, 2009
haha lol
haha lol
by yoontedn't'st April 3, 2019
when best manz hav sex w yur girl and manz ses "haha lol", itz all good

Or when there's awkward silence in the group, all you have to say is "Haha Lol" and it will be fine.

Or wen manz nan getz shanked and best manz say "haha lol" and thn itz all good
logan: "Anyone heard that kain's mom died from drug overdose?"
jordan: "haha lol"
kain: *breaks down and cries*
megan: *curb stomps kain*
by tudos August 6, 2018
A phrase originating from the Youtube poop "The Life and Death of Mr. Hill," based off of the King of the Hill TV series. In this poop, Hank is sitting in a barber's chair and tells a story. Afterwards, the men around him chuckle. He responds to this with "haHA LOL."

Use this to show a vigorous form of laughter.
by LoknarGor March 14, 2010
When you kill a toxic player in any games. Mostly FPS games.
Person1:(kills chad)


Cool untoxic dud:UR MOM WAS EZ
by Tootguy September 4, 2021
haha lol

i am just testing this and will probably delete it
by June 28, 2022