It stands for "laughing out loud." A slight irony to this definition is that generally people don't literally laugh out loud. That's reserved for other acronyms such as, but not limited to, LMMFAO, LMAO, ROTFLMAO, etc. Lol is most commonly used as a slience breaker, a reply to a joke that is SUPPOSED to be funny but really isn't, or an answer to an uncomfortable or random statement that one couldn't think of a better response to.
Example 1:
Person 1: Hi
Person 2: Hey
Person 1: umm..
Person 2: uh.....
Person 1: lol

Example 2:
Person 1: I like to pick my nose and then massage the boogers on my anal orifice
Person 2: lol

Example 3:
Person 1: I got fired from my job today, got dumped, contracted HIV, lost an eye, got caught masturbating in the elementary school parking lot then shot the cop who tried to arrest me
Person 2: lol
by EXPLIZIT October 10, 2005
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Stands for Laugh Out Loud. Used to be typed out as a way to signify that the person ur communicating with said/did something funny but is now grossly overused and sometimes even said out loud. A lazy way to say "OMIGOSH UR SOOO FUNNY!!!"
Her joke wasn't that funny, so I uncertainty texted "LOL" and then left it at that.
by emthesmølchild June 27, 2016
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Laughing out "loud"...quietly and drawn out.
Laughing but not thinking whatever the comment was, was funny.
Person A: "You're kind of cute you know that?"
Person B: "Oh... thanks.. lol.."

Person B: "lol..." (oi.. what a moron.)
by LadyVindictive May 16, 2005
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lol - originally meant "laughing out loud", but now is the most common expression in any text conversation, just used instead of HAHA or any giggle or something like that. Also used all the time when there's nothing else to say... LOL key should be added to a standard keyboard.
AiMDuMaSs1:I ripped a fart today in school
by lol dude February 22, 2005
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my mum thinks it means lots of love in texts.
Me - Texts* lol
Mum - Texts back* i love you lots too.
df ?
by millieons December 19, 2008
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Originally defined to mean "laugh out loud" but is now so overused that no one is actually laughing when they type it. It is just something that people say when they have nothing else left to say. Often the words "hahaha" are substituted for it to give variety. People also type emoticons such as: ":" to also fill in the space when they get tired of "laughing out loud" or not "laughing out loud". It is the most used word when texting, and one of the easiest to type in order to send a message to someone so that you don't look like your blowing them off.
Person 1: "Hey man, what's up?"

Person 2: "Not much, what about you?"

Person 1: "Yeah same here."


Person 2: "lol"

Person 1: "haha :"

Person 2: "lol"
by nololbby February 09, 2009
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