Not to be confused with lol or LOL, LoL is an abbreviation of League of Legends, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena computer game modeled after the popular Warcraft 3 scenario, Defense of the Ancients.
LoL is alot like DotA, huh?
by jiji-K October 03, 2009
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It simply means, "Laughing Out Loud." Typically said through social media, or texting (which is pretty much the same thing). It's usually said when someone says something weird, yet funny, or just funny itself. 'c' Thank u peeps. c:
Example (weird, yet funny):

Person 1: U smell juss liek pooh. 'w'

Person 2: O_o wut dafuq?

Person 3: Lol
by fhk x3 April 01, 2016
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A word that will one day take over this world. When you say it; people think you're laugh. Or laughing inside. But what it really means is; I cant be bothered to say anything else.
Person 1: What you been up to?
Person 2: Nowt much lol

Person 1: I watched party monster today
Person 2: lol

Person 1: i'm going now bye! xx
Person 2: lol xx

Person 1: My cat just died! :'(
Person 2: lol

Person 1: I broke my leg today!
Person 2: lol
Person 1: What's so funny?
Person 2: I dunno LMAO
by [insert name here] February 05, 2006
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Used in texting lol meaning laugh out load usually used when someone says something funny
Knock knock Who's there Orange. Orange who. Orange you glad I didn't say banana lol
by Mel Mel December 24, 2015
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Misinterpretation held by many people's moms - "lots of love" instead of "laughing out loud." Best to use it in a situation where "lots of love" would be very empathetic and appropriate, and "laughing out loud" would be incorrect, disrespectful, and downright horrific.
I heard your brother passed away. LOL

I'm so sorry that you were in a tragic boating accident and are now paralyzed from the neck down. Call me if you need anything LOL
by sadiq823 August 11, 2009
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Literal meaning: "I acknowledge your statement"

Placed by itself during a text/instant messaging session, after a comment so lame (or awkward) that you don't want to type anything longer than three letters.
Jane: hey what's up?
Dick: (insert dumb-ass phrase that doesn't merit a response here)

Jane's thought process: "Who the fuck gives a shit? However, I feel compelled to respond."

Jane: lol
by Molly the Egg February 15, 2009
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