A young slutty girl.
A short prostitute.
A phrase used to hurt the reputation of a girl who won't date you.
Bob: "Did you ask Sally out?"
Joe: "Yeah, but the little whore turned me down."
by jsd9632 January 7, 2012
when having sex with a women, having her legs flopping all over the place resembling a fish out of water
Tracy: Dude, little mermaid whore is the best thing since sliced bread.

Bob: idk, sliced bread is pretty good.

Tracy: Dude, trust me.
A little bitty whore
You little bitty whore!
by littlebittywhore September 26, 2017
A small in height girl who has ginger hair and is a cheating bastard. Also enjoys putting strong sented lotion on the guys that she fucks.
That Little Ginger Whore over there. She made me smell like sweet peas from her lotion.
by InfectedByGingeritis November 30, 2010
A woman who regularly has cravings for men's seamen in their mouth and loves swallowing.
by Fuckboy2000 December 27, 2016
i was at my friends house and i saw this girl she took my boyfriend away from me and i was like wow!!
you little whore
you fucking little whore you shoudnt have fucked around bitch!
by pancakeface1099 March 14, 2022