In general, to do everything but the intended purpose of the task planned.

1. An unspecific way of saying one engaged in sexual activity but not necessarily have intercourse, or penetration. To make out and play around, but not fuck.

See mess around.
2. To engage in unproductive activity to avoid doing something more productive. To avoid doing something but keeping yourself busy doing something else.
See malingering
1. "Did you hit it yet?" "Naw, we just fucked around."
2. "I was supposed to do my paper three days ago, but fucked around and ended up turning it in late"
by mr_runabout2 February 1, 2011
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Used in situations almost the same as Fucked Up.
"Man Shirly dumped Jon cause he got a new dog, that's fucked around."
by Kristoph March 21, 2004
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Doing absolutely nothing productive. Wasting time. Not taking a task seriously. Purposefully performing a task poorly.

syn: dicking around, doing jack shit, chilling
ant: trying, working

Some though he was running the country, but really he was just fucking around.
by IlyaB January 20, 2006
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Messing with someone with no intentions of being together, only for temporary satisfaction.
Nah, I don't talk to her like that, we just fucking around .
by HeyHeyHayHay May 5, 2015
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To not take something seriously, believing the whole thing to be just a joke. It can also be used to describe not putting your full effort into something.
Example 1:

Teacher: All you do is fuck around in my class and break the rules. Don't blame me for your shitty grade.

Example 2:

Person 1: That same fucking cop arrested me again!

Person 2: Well then don't piss him off. I know that guy, and he doesn't fuck around.
by John D. Heisenberg January 5, 2013
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something one does in his/her notice period after resigning from current job, basically nothing.
He's in notice period, so he's just fucking around.. we should release him as soon as possible.
by onlinejerk February 20, 2015
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The art of inadvertantly diverting from one's original plan to random/spontaneous activities and behavior.

Abbreviation: TFA
JH: Where the hell did you go?

Girls: Our intent was to go to the grocery store, but along the way we stopped at a flee market, then followed a sign to a garage sale, then stopped on the side of the road to look at puppies for sale. When we finally arrived at the grocery store it was closed.

JH: But you left four hours ago?! You must have had the fuck arounds!
by legendarymojito November 14, 2010
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