The most beautiful color of hair, a reddish hue. Makes the most ugly girl sooo hot. It is a compliment, and it is only used to talk about the color of head - hair. Red hair can have a goldish tint, a brownish tint, a orangie tint, or other. It is very pretty.

Evan: Do you like the new girl, Mary-anne?

Jorge: Yeah. She is so hot with her ginger hair!

Evan: Yeah.


Sarah: Ewwwwww, you stink, you ginger hair. Your pubes are ginger, and you STINK!

Emillie: *blushes and runs away*
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Describes a colour that has a vibrant, reddish hue to it. Hence it can be anything from red to orange to yellow.

Examples are golden-ginger, strawberry-ginger and orange-ginger.
Ginger tom - cat or bloke with ginger hair.

Hey, Ginger, how ya doing mate?
by john McAllister May 29, 2005
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Ginger hair is the colour of someone's hair and that is all! People find it (I dunno what they even find it) something and decide to pick on people with ginger hair and it's not right

1. Because we're the same as all you brown/blonde/black/whatever coloured hair u have

2. Because only 2% of the world is ginger (how cool is that)
3. Because it's an AWESOME colour of hair
4. because it's a form of bullying
5. Do you need any more reasons
Right way
Person 1- I love your hair
Person 2- thanks

Person 1- I love the ginger colour
Person 2- I like YOUR hair, they're so many shades of blond
Person 1- ginger hair is so cool
Wrong way
Person 1- I hate gingers
Person 2- why
Person 1- they're coming to kill you
Person 2- in your sleep

(God how stupid can these people get)
by heyoh yeah December 6, 2014
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A rare hair colour that can either be considered stunning or minging. Is a sort of RED colour and looks much better on females than on males. The most orange tints of ginger are considered the most disgusting.
God, that guy was a ginger hair-ed GOD!

Ewww, that bloke's ginger hair was so orange it outshined the sun!!

Oh yes, now THAT boy's, is a lush example of a sexy girl with ginger hair! One in a million!
by LovliJessie May 22, 2005
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The worst thing it is possible to have. It is believed to have originated when some Egyptian god or other decided that bad people deserved to have a ridiculous colour hairdo. When shaved can often be mistaken for a Scotch egg.
David thinks he's cool because he has loads of ginger hair. He isn't.
by Enzo November 30, 2004
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