When an object has a tremendous amount of power.
- “Damn Billy Joe is that a raptor 700?”
- “Yeah man, she fucks too!”
by Mr._Legurtzki January 25, 2018
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When someone does the fucking, instead of being the one getting fucked.
*guy does a dank trick*
Me: Wow. he/she fucks.
by Just a Dank Memer March 26, 2018
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A situation where one partner in a couple has ended the relationship by dating, and having immediate intimate relations with a new person of perceived higher social status.

See trading up
Frank: Are Sandra and Kasey still together?

Jim: No, I hear she's dating some 25 year old brain surgeon. He's loaded plus he looks like a male model. Word on the street is he took her to Mexico for the weekend.

Frank: Wow. Well, she's fucking Matt Damon.
by Knowmadd April 12, 2008
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Hym “...And then she fucked a cripple. That’s the other side of the coin. You’ll either get that, or she’ll fuck a cripple, you’ll be robbed by the bitch who sold you the bullshit. $29.99 down the drain. But maybe... just maybe, if you buy then next one she won’t fuck the mongoloid. No? Ok, well, just one more. You know what? Just pay to come see the show, $129.99. Then she’ll fuck you instead of a walking disability.”
by Hym Iam October 28, 2022
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