1) Enlisted Navy servicemen.
2) Whom am I trying to fool? It's actually a clever way of saying semen, cum, jizz, jism, man milk, spunk, cream.
What is big and black and is full of seamen?... A submarine!
Donna enlisted in the Navy and now she likes seamen even more!
by Hugh G Rection August 2, 2006
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(noun) A cute way of expressing semen!
"Deck the halls with creamy seamen,
falalalah, lala lalah!"
by Quakeulf January 15, 2006
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When your nipples being rubbed and fondled is so arousing, you ejactulate prematurely.
Annon was playing with Matty's nipples last night and he seamenated all over her.
by Smeghead2155 January 12, 2014
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to be cumed or jizzed on.
"Oh god you seamenated all over my face!"
by Mike deJonge April 8, 2005
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A bunch of gay-ass sailor boys who can't keep their fucking hands off you!
Dad: how did you sleep last night Hermann?
Son: not great dad I had to fight off salty seamen all night!
by Banana Hammie October 28, 2019
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