Something creationism does not have.
Scientists have evidence, but lack absolute certainty.

Creationists have absolute certainty, but lack evidence.

This is a fact.
by EvolvedExpert April 27, 2011
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The body you are trying to hide in your backyard.
"We ran out of room in our backyard, so we had to hide the evidence in our neighbor's yard,"
by Kawshee January 6, 2010
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People who are named Evidence are one of the best people to have in your life. He is well known in school and everyone doesn't mind him at all and he is calm with most people. He can always put a smile on those who are upset or depressed. He is also quite handsome and quite tall and has an average size. He is kind, gentle, funny, caring and also straightforward. If your upset or depressed, he is definitely someone you can trust. When you tell him your problems he will find a way to support you and bring you back up even if he doesn't know what to say, he will always say something that will put a smile on your face. He is always positive and rarely negative. Always happy but when he isn't in a good mood it better if you leave him alone unless you're a really close friend that he trusts.

He loves his friends but mostly loves his family more and puts them first. He can easily make a friend when he wants to. He loves to hang out with his friends and they always tend to have a good day when he is around.
The type of girls he likes are mostly black or light skin girls with a big back and chest but he mainly loves any girl with a good personality, good looks, and freakiness. If he sees a girl he likes, he will try his best to move to them but he mostly prefers to be friends with them. He is cool with most girls in his school and he isn't like other guys who freak out when girls hold their arm or lay on their lap.
Evidence is so Kind and charming!!!
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all the best rappers i ever heard are white. like ev.
by inks November 26, 2003
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Black but athletic man will be in the NBA, impossible to stop
Look it's Evidence let's get around him all the guys are like be on my team man
by Gang. Com December 21, 2016
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That which proves or disproves; that which makes plain or clear. Facts.
The lawyer could not provide enough evidence for his defendant
by goodvibesgoogooogg April 3, 2017
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Evidence is a name that not so many people have heard of. He is african person that has load of friends from almost most skl that HE know. He can be really funny and really fun to be with. His name sound like someone who is intelligent but is low-key not the smartest person. He can help you with some question on life. If you start to know him better, you will realise that he is acc a nice person. He not the best attractive person but he is really loyal and really delightful person. He is also someone that if your in a fight he will back you up if you are good friend with him. Evidence loves to eat and loves to be relax so he could be at time clusmy. He is also really sportive, even though he doesn't do much sport. He also always have gum so if your mouth is bitter, just ask him and he will pull out a bag of gum out of his pocket.
Heey Evidence, Do you have any gum?
I got you James.
Thanks g
by FortismereStudent November 27, 2018
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