The action of thinking that every girl is "the one". Leaving the victim heartbroken.
"I just pulled a Michael Scott."

"Next time, actually get to know her, you don't wanna pull another Michael Scott."
by urBoiiii February 13, 2019
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The funniest character on the major hit show, "The Office".
Michael Scott was hilarious in that episode!!!
by beebo_idk_lol April 5, 2020
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The realest person known to man. King Real.
I'm Michael Scott real.
by cman2369 August 3, 2011
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Everyone's role model and the world's best boss. Even though sometimes he comes across as childish, narcissistic, and cringy, he always keeps it a hundred. He has "no filter" and always says or does whatever he thinks is appropriate, which is a rare character trait in the modern world of cancel culture. He shows by his own example that you can be happy doing what you like, regardless of what others might think of you.

Speaking of his position as regional manager, some will say he is incompetent. In contrast, he's a genius who's focused on "a bigger picture," rather than "everyday stuff." He comes up with the best ideas ever, and, in the face of adversity, knows exactly what to do or say to turn everything in his or his company's favor.

Also, he is a very sympathetic individual, who is genuinely concerned with his employees' wellbeing and wants what's best for them.
A: What do you want to be when you grow up?
B: I want to be Michael Scott.

I wish I were more like Michael Scott. He's the GOAT.
by fullofheat March 4, 2023
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Michael Scott is as fast as a car.
by Kenton Makings October 29, 2018
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To act as Michael Scott.
to be cheesy, narcissistic, cringy, silly, and extremely obnoxious.
stop being such a Michael Scott!
by DwightIsAlmighty April 30, 2019
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A total bitch. MS shames you for all of your hobbies, and claims to 'love' you, yet secretly hates you. He is such a prick, I can't even continue writing this because it's making me barf just thinking about his stupid bowl-cut.
Person A: Yo, Michael Scott just-
Person B: EW NO STOP-
by Splashsmv3 October 31, 2019
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