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Legendary Internet warrior/warrior technique, who's origins date back to the turn of the second millennium. The Litigator technique combines traditional methods of offense and defense such as the use of italics, bold font, underlining and font size. A master of the technique will infuse use of misdirection, vague humor, diversion, "the flip", misaccusations, misquotations, confusion, and truths turned falsehoods. To engage in Internet battle with Marsad can be extreme or mild. Should a battle continue more than a week, Litigator will employ the final and most discplined method of outwording an opponent.
Warrior One: Golf is more difficult than fishing

Litgator Warrior: Golf is is similar to racing, with the golf player being the driver and the clubs being the engine. With that, it is nearly impossible to construe golf and fishing are anything alike, except that fishing and golf both take patience and skill, and both hobbies are expensive which make them similar. Professionales exist and compete in both sports, as well as amateurs, yet racing and fishing as you said, are very different with increasing similarities after close examination.

Warrior One: That's not what I said.

Litigator Warrior: That is exactly (bolded, intalicized & underlined) what you said.
by goatworthy July 16, 2010
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