A Cornelius is a question asker.
Maurice, nigga, what is you talking about? From Cornelius
by Tyreeg00n April 3, 2019
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Cornelius: a name typically stereotyped or given definition by persons not named Cornelius; who have never met a Cornelius; or who are jealous they are not a Cornelius. A Cornelius and his corresponding lifestyle can be used to profound and lasting effect, as no one ever forgets meeting or sharing a memory with a Cornelius. A Cornelius’ magnetic, effervescent and fearless persona is generally a product of having survived a lifetime of name abuse at the hands of blandly named, high-fiving d-bags named Mike, Phil, Steve and/or Rob. Cornelius’ generally enjoy expectations because they never disappoint. Little can also be done to stop a Cornelius once he starts talking, drinking, smoking, fighting, yelling and schmoozing, and rest assured, if you’ve made to back to Cornelius’ home after having met one, you’ve already made up your mind to make him breakfast.
Tiffany: So, I met this guy last night and the only way I could get him to shut up was to sleep with him.

Gisel: Was his name Cornelius?
by Mr. Dam June 23, 2010
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a hot sexyyy guy that loves you for everything about you. may make fun of you at times but, if he realy cares he will kiss you or even make out with you in front of your or his friend. great kisser with big lips and abs. shy at times but loves attention so give him all you got.
cornelius just made out with me in front of this person. he is amazign!

i saw!!
by linkipohij May 26, 2010
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A bald spot on ones head. A circular spot at the back of the head missing hair. From the Roman leader Cornelius.
Oh, look at Paul’s Cornelius. He should put a hat on or he’ll get burned
by Battyguy July 14, 2018
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A tall guy with brown hair usually and acts humble and calm but when it matters he will be the hardest man in his gang (mainly sketchy areas London Luton Bolton etc) has amazing ideas when it comes to getting girls and getting his gang rates and girls. The guy will back his best man and will bang anyone who chats nonsense. The guy will fullon stay with his guys in dark alleyways and banging rivals basically he can be a sexy road man
I was walking through an alleyway and saw Cornelius and he winked at me

Next thing I knew he be kissing my
by Kyle Daily April 20, 2019
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Cornelius is a name of a wonderful person with a good personality. They may be awkward at times but they always pull through. Many Cornelius’ have a high tolerance of patience but can see through bs over time. Overall just go hangout with him.
Hey did you see Cornelius in that corner crying?


Ask him if he wants to cry at our place
by Cor-ne-lius November 29, 2019
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A rich and proper boy. He's socially awkward in most situations and takes opinions of him seriously. He hates being the butt of the jokes, but will do anything for a friend. His humor is difficult to understand, as it's hard to tell whether or not he's joking. It looks like he doesn't care, but he really does. Many of the things he says, he means the opposite (ie "I don't want this" but he really does).
Person 1: Who was that cutie with Lewis?
Person 2: Oh, that was definitely Cornelius.
Person 1: Wonder what he sees in him.
by JORM-Q July 15, 2017
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