Slang for large penis
Man1: yo that dud has a lenis
Man2: wtf are you gay or smth
by BillyBoy0519 October 21, 2019
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Leni is a very loving and caring person. She loves her family and friends and would do anything for them. Leni’s are usually blonde with light blue eyes. They aren’t very bright and are quite ditzy and forgetful, but they are very skilled at fashion designing, cooking, wood carving, and lock picking. You are very lucky if you can get a girl like Leni.
by Prettygirl_937 September 04, 2018
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Popular Filipino term for idiot, stupid, incompetent, fool.
A certain Leni once said that she has three daughters and all of them are girls.
by Yellowshitflusher August 20, 2019
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a nickname for a friend with the name lee who has a small penis
Hey lenis how's that enzyte working? Hey does your girlfriend see a change?
by ricky July 05, 2004
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Coolest guy you'll ever meet. His name is so unique He is nothing like the ordinary Lenny. The is quite the gentleman and defiantly popular at school. He is so smart and is in the math team. He has a very successful future ahead of him and he is DONE. cutest by everrr. He's super fit and athletic! He's a real baller and he lives for the tag #ballislife
Sarah: OMGG who's that boy!!!

Mary: I don't know look at those abs, and he's so smart!

Henry: Oh that's my boy, Leny. He's litt!!!
by YUP IT WAS MEE December 22, 2016
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A guy named Eddie who has a small limp penis
You're such a lenis!
by Eddie January 21, 2004
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Idiot. A stupid person. A person of low intelligence. No Brain.
She was such a leni!
by Crackednose August 21, 2019
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