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Coolest guy you'll ever meet. His name is so unique He is nothing like the ordinary Lenny. The is quite the gentleman and defiantly popular at school. He is so smart and is in the math team. He has a very successful future ahead of him and he is DONE. cutest by everrr. He's super fit and athletic! He's a real baller and he lives for the tag #ballislife
Sarah: OMGG who's that boy!!!

Mary: I don't know look at those abs, and he's so smart!

Henry: Oh that's my boy, Leny. He's litt!!!
by YUP IT WAS MEE December 23, 2016
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dude that goes to flint hill, and is good at basketball but for some reason doesn't play for school. hes cool to hang with and is a funny dude
Guy: Yo wassu Leny
Leny: We gonna chill tonight?
Guy: No doubt he hit a party up
by JAMON May 08, 2005
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