A complete lack of care or bother for anything in life.

When a person is unbothered, other people around them usually get very infuriated.

Why don't these unbothered people realise that this is not the attitude that won the war?
Lizzie: Why won't you explain it to me?

Patrick: I can't be bothered.

Lizzie: Why are you always so unbothered?
by arabella123 November 12, 2012
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something a girl will claim to be when she truly is aggravated and/or bothered
"he can hang out with other girls. it's fine, I'm unbothered.
by lilblueberry63 August 28, 2017
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A word i used in my essay and apparently it’s not a word so i am making it one
“it truly comes to light that John is aware she is suffering a great del, but this is UNBOTHERING to him because he believes she is hysterical.
by dumb essay bitch October 22, 2019
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an unbothered queen is a person who doesn’t give a shit about what is happening around them. for example , two people can literally be fighting to the death and , that person watching wont care.
Cayla is an unbothered queen “
by mrs gorl- 🙄 May 28, 2021
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the person who isn’t the least bit bothered nor concerned about a situation is a Nicole.
by unbotheredNicole January 28, 2021
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