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A time where if you are sensitive, you win at life. A time where little boys can be baby Quagmires and little girls can be sluts and wear fucking boxers(booty shorts), thin see-through tight stockings that are made like jeans without any type of skirt(leggings) , and a shirt that might as well be a bra, to school. A time where kids don't get any home training. A time where you have to choose between two idiots for president and still end up dying either way. A time where teens will put A FUCKING PAPER BAG over there heads to because it's the latest trend. A time where you get sold obesity and then get demonised by the people who told you to buy it because you are now addicted. A where if you have a sense of mind you are dumb. A time where you get sold the same shit every year (iPhones). A place where there are worst things than george bush. But it's not all bad. We have Mia Khalifa

So in layman's terms: fucked
This generation needs a wake up call.
5 hours of Hilary Clinton later...
4 chan, I have a mission for you.....
by Notagayguy November 26, 2015
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