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An act of defiance, a troll, created and used by the Chatty boys from Canada. It is Pronounced β€œYug” often screamed in public. If somebody yags you back after you yag, you know you have a beauty.
Buddy’s about to get Yagged.
These kids can’t even yag.
by Subya February 05, 2020
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Gay backwards, used to call sum1 or something gay when u dont want otha peeple knowing..more specifically ur rents
Ur so yag dude!
That's so yag! wtf r u thinking man
Ha Dennis is yag
by Jer Boi June 21, 2006
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Its roots derive from the yttrium aluminum garnet refined in laser technology. This term refers to one who constantly wears a casual garment commonly made from wool, synthetic fiber, or cotton. It induces warmth on the wearer. Also, a "Yag" is known for their synthetic filamentous biomaterial that grows on the dermis from natural follicles. It is usually found on the head of a yag. Finally, "Yags" are extremely fond of rice and maize products, which leads to the stereotype as one who "beats the rice patty" . Next time you encounter your local Yag, be sure to touch their synthetic filamentous biomaterial and note the lack of chitin.
You: "Hello Yaggy pet name for a Yag, may I notice the lack of chitin in your synthetic filamentous biomaterial?"
Yag: "But of course!"
by TheBrainIac March 11, 2011
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"Fat" in Turkish, yet also "gay" backwards. Therefore, yaG can stand for either fat, or gay, or both. Amazing.
Shutup, yaG man!
by kr1574 August 09, 2009
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An overt or advertised pair of large breasts. Usually consciously placed on display by their owner for dramatic effect.
Oh my god, check out the yags on that chick in the red dress!
by speedweasel February 23, 2009
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