The shortened form of the already shortened word "Legit" of "Legitimate" Meaning not fake of just cool. Often used when describing something so legitimate, the word legit cannot encompass the enormity of the awesomeness.
Sam: Remarkable! That man just jumped out of that flaming woman! Wait...what?"

Chase: LEDGE!
by Chase Bisson December 23, 2008
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A 'Ledge' is a person you wish to bestow a certain amount of grattitude on for doing a ledgendary act. This act may not seem like much but if it touches your heart (for whatever twisted reason) let them know today. Give 'ledge' a whirl.
Mr formestone you are a Ledge.

(also note that contorting your right hand to form an 'L' shape and firing it up in a rather 'Craig David' style way adds extra oomph to this phrase. The double ledge (wherein you make two 'L' shapes) is becoming ever popular also)
by L-JJ March 18, 2005
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A word to describe a person place or thing that is epic, it is short for legendary. Also it is just really an important word to the world.
That. Is. SO. LEDGE.!!!
by kristen1995 February 04, 2020
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