Gem is a good person. A kind person. Gem deserves all the happiness they can get
you're such a gem
by Orcawale July 31, 2018
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"Wow Lisette is such a gem, she's so cute."
by essyme April 6, 2017
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Used to describe a person in a positive light, like a precious jewel. But can also be used sarcastically or very negatively in some respects.
"Alice is a real gem!"

A: "..caught with pants 'round her ankles"
B: "Cor, she's a riiight gem!"
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Someone or something which is annoying. Can also be used as a verb, ‘gemmin’ in which case it could also be used to describe someone who is lying as well.
You’re such a gem
This is a gem”
“You’re gemmin’ it”
by SL96’ December 17, 2019
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The person I love more than anything in the world.
Gem, I love you with my heart and soul.
by lightblade December 13, 2005
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I wish I were like Gem, she's awesome
by romantic__ August 2, 2003
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A Gem is a combination of physical and personal traits applying to men in the gay community. Typical Gems display many of the following physical traits: baby face, limited body hair, clean-shaven face, fit but not overly ripped body 5'7-5'10 in height , short brown or black hair, ideal and clear white/tan skin tone usually a product of mixed ethnicity (white/asian) or (white/latino), smart and refined (not overly flamboyant) style. Personality traits that Gems display include a sweet slightly feminine voice, loving to give compliments, a posse of female friends, passive aggressive demeanor, and an air of confidence. Gems are usually young and lose their Gem-ness once they turn 26 upon which it is time to become a man.
by Jake the Gem February 12, 2014
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