1. An extra push. An ingredient or a factor that will make something better or perfect. 2. ability to jump or move in great heights.
3. a sound of such a sound (jumping or pushing), or sound of landing of such a act of jumping or pushing.
1. If you want this hot dog to have an extra oomph, add some Tobasco 2. I can't make this slam dunk--I just don't have the oomph.
3. He fell on the pavement with a loud oomph.
by d_a February 19, 2005
extra effort, strength, muscle, or drive.
" Come on, I know we can push this car, put a little more oomph in it."
by Leo V November 18, 2005
the sound you make when you get hit hard in the belly
when I hit ted in the gut with a baseball bat he said "oomph!"
by Edthesped February 27, 2009
hey baby, that red short shorts makes you look oomphy!
by nbinny April 23, 2011
A fantastic german industrial rock band. Their unique sound was later praised (and emulated) by the german industrial rock band Rammstein.

The lead singer of Oomph!, Dero Goi, is overwhelmingly more talented than that of any other german rock band's vocalist, at least so far as I have heard.
I would kill your mother for the newest Oomph! CD.
by TwistedEdge June 22, 2006
A splendid, electronicially driven German rock band with a sound similiar to that of Rammstein and Megaherz.
Both rivetheads and metalheads would enjoy Oomph!.
by Womper June 8, 2004
A stupid term used to descibe an extra push. (Seen on those ridiculous Pro-active commercials.)
Pro-active is that extra oomph!! It's like I KNOW THAT no matter what the refining mask is always gonna work for me!
by whitetigerr15 January 19, 2011