A legend in the making.
An individual who is on the verge of a legendary status.
Showing appreciation to someone due to a favour.
Note: The word 'Legend' is often over used for individuals who are truly not worthy of the title. Using the word 'Ledge' can be a more meaningfull fit, without taking anything away from the person.
Billy: Tom really helped me with my assignment man, he is a Ledge!

Sam: 'Joe can you cover my shift on saturday? I really need it off.'
Joe: 'ummm... OK'
Sam: 'Aw cheers mate, your a Ledge!'
by mrpandor November 24, 2008
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A different way to write "knowledge" basing on the sound of the two words.
no ledge = knowledge

U2 = you too

luv u = love you
by Ista April 19, 2006
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Ledge, a noun, short for legend, refers to someone who's just done something so astonishing that they'll be remembered as "that cool dude/dudette/duderino that did X." I.e., an absolute madlad.
Dude, can you believe Dream broke the minecraft 1.14.4 speedrun record at 4 AM AND hit a pigman for five bucks? What a ledge.
by Dont soft my soap October 12, 2020
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Term used to describe someone who is legendary but they’re so legendary they probably don’t have time for you to say the four syllable word so instead the one syllable word; “ledge” was invented.
That guy is so ledge that he is the king of all ledges
by Diddier May 27, 2018
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A short-hand term used to describe a cool person (abbreviation of legend). Often used as sarcasm to ridicule someone who is boasting about something they did that isn't particularly impressive.
Mr. Dr. Professor. Donkey III: It was only 10°C yesterday and I wore a t-shirt.


Peter Montgomery: I have 2000 Facebook friends.

by Colonel Blastwagon July 03, 2013
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Something to walk over when circumnavigating a big bastard chasm.
Karma reckons everybody she meets is a ledge.
by Erkrys Yamps March 27, 2008
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