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Noun. Reliable, trustworthy, well organized and always has your back. Likes to stay close to camp but enjoys a festival like no other. Think Hall and think good friend.
No worries...Hall has your back.
by Original Viking February 02, 2010
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Cough drops that that are sweet and candy-like but are marketed as medicinal, with their ingenious trademarked "mentholyptus" as one of its main selling points, having an effect of giving a sense of clearing of the nasal pathways. People sometimes complain that they can smell them even if they're in your mouth.
"Hey, can I enter the Halls of medicine?" i.e. Can I have one of your Halls cough drops?
by Eponymous Bosch November 12, 2004
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un-cool or bland, opposite of kitchen. kitchen being the best place in the home, whereas the hall is cold and undefined, not unsimilar to purgatory.
u2 and seagulls are so hall.
by Smash and Tangental. April 07, 2008
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Acronymim from : Hi All
AndroGhost entered the channeli
<AndroGhost> Hall
<Wizasak> Welcome
by AndroGhost April 12, 2005
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Highest end department store in the Kansas City Area. Has 2 locations, one on the Plaza and one in Crown Center. Is owned by Hallmark, the greeting card company. Sells designer names, pretty much the only department store in the area that does so. Favorite store of Johnson County brats spending their parents money.
"Did you see the new Dolce & Gabanna jeans, and Lacoste polo he got from Halls? It only set him back $500."
by Krazah May 12, 2005
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